Защо лодки Tiger Marin?

New Industrial Planet

Our new industrial planet built on 5000 Sq. meters and have twin 1000 Sq. meters hangers , 35 skilled workers and 3 engineers. Located 50 Km from Cairo International airport and 80 Km from Suez port.

All boats are built one by one which means that they are hand made by our high technical manufacturing skilled workers.

High Quality Parts

Tiger Marine boats are built with the best parts in the market made by the best Italian manufacturers and complies with CE regulations. This is the only way to ensure the greatest quality of the parts and for the customer to receive the best boat for the value.

Welding Technology

Tiger Marine boats are built with the latest technology of thermo-bonding which eliminates the old fashioned gluing method still used by some manufacturers.

All our seams are indestructible and very reliable with superior finish quality.

Thermo-bonding seams has raised the value of the PVC boats specially with the state of the art welder from USA.

Long Experiance

Tiger Marine boats are in the market since 1996 , which means 17 years of experiance in the inflatable boats manufacturing techniques.

This experiance has reflected to our customers with a superior performance and quality boat.

World Distribution Network

Tiger Marine boats are are exported all over the world, and through our distribution network you can easily find your Tiger Marine boat at your nearst dealer in your country.

Just click on our website and visit our dealers page to find your nearest dealer.


Tiger Marine boats are built according to the requirments of the international standards ISO -6185 and European Directive for Recreational Crafts 94/25/EC, in addition to RIIMA certificate for some models.

Best Fabrics

Tiger Marine boats are built with the best inlfatable boats fabrics.

  1. VALMEX : is our standard fabric for all our boats, made by Mehler texnologies from Germany.
  2. Orca: Optional CSM fabric for all our range of boats made by Pennel and Flippo from France.